Haydn: Die sieben letzten Worte

Joseph Haydn – Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze

Ensemble Resonanz,  Riccardo Minasi

After a celebrated CD with cello concerts and symphonies by C. P. E. Bach, the musicians of the Ensemble Resonanz continue their exploration of orchestral music from the 18th century. For several years now, under the direction of its inspired conductor Maestro Riccardo Minasi, the ensemble has taken on the challenge of carrying on the idea of historical performance practice on modern instruments. Forty years after the so-called «Baroque Revolution», it is a pleasure to rediscover these nine orchestral movements, which are literally inspired by the last words of the dying Jesus Christ – and which demonstrate the rhetorical eloquence with which Joseph Haydn shone unrivaled!

  • Release Date : 22/03/2019

  • Label : Harmonia Mundi