VIVALDI: Teuzzone

Il Teuzzone
Le Concert des Nations

This three CD set from Naïve is part of the continuing series of Vivaldi’s works – many in the composer’s original autograph – contained in the immensely valuable and significant collection at the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria di Torino. That alone ought to guarantee its quality. That the singers are expert soloists working so well with the Concert des Nations conducted by the ever-energetic and perceptive Jordi Savall should only add to the appeal of this release.

They do. This is yet another set to be bought not only by all those collecting the Vivaldi Edition but also by those who enjoy Baroque opera at its crispest, most trenchant and most communicative. It will also draw in those, perhaps, who only know Vivaldi’s most popular works. It would be naïve to ignore that aspect of this immense project which explicitly – certainly implicitly – aims to make the case for Vivaldi’s operas. It will help serve to correct the imbalance whereby all too many music-lovers believe that Vivaldi’s only – at least greatest – works are instrumental… varieties of concerto in particular.

  • Release Date : 1/07/2011

  • Label : naive