VIVALDI Concerti per violoncello I

VIVALDI Concerti per violoncello I
Giardino Armonico
Coin, Antonini

After the violin and bassoon, Vivaldi apparently like the cello best as a solo instrument. Because while the Italian Baroque master wrote somewhere over 200 violin concertos and 39 bassoon concertos, he also wrote 28 cello concertos. Part of his special affection may come from the fact that Vivaldi himself seems to have invented the genre. Although there had been passages for solo cello in earlier composers’ works, Vivaldi apparently wrote the first actual concertos featuring the cello throughout. This disc, the first in Naïve’s Vivaldi‘s Edition’s releases of all the concertos played by Christophe Coinwith Il Giardino Armonico led by Giovanni Antonini, is an easy winner. The veteran French cellist has a nuanced tone, a powerful technique, a penetrating intellect, and a gift for sustaining a long line and all of these qualities come into play in these performances. With the able and agile support of the Italian period-instrument chamber orchestra, Coin makes every movement of every concerto distinct — and distinctly appealing — each with its own lyrical melodies, graceful harmonies, and instantly infectious rhythms. Recorded in clear, warm, and direct sound, this is as fine a disc as has been released in Naïve’s outstanding Vivaldi Edition — which, considering the quality of the other releases, is high praise indeed.

  • Release Date : 07/05/2007

  • Label : Naïve