Vivaldi: Concerti per due Violini e Archi

Double Concertos
Riccardo Minasi
Dmitry Sinkovsky
Il Pomo d’Oro

Volume 56 of Naïve’s series Tesori del Piemonte constitutes the first volume of Antonio Vivaldi’s double violin concertos in The Vivaldi Edition . Recorded in January 2013 in the Villa San Fermo in Lonigo, violinists Dmitry Sinkovsky (first violin in RV 509, RV 515, and RV 523) and Riccardo Minasi (first violin in RV 508, RV 510, and RV 517) hiss and spit in rapid tempo in the first movement of Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor, RV 523. In the slow movement, they settle into a more lyrical mood, proceeding for long stretches in parallel motion before exchanging cogent ideas in the Finale, in which the ensemble sharply articulates scalar passages, enhancing the brilliant effect created by their rapid tempos. Cesare Fertonani’s notes suggest that Vivaldi composed the Concerto in C Minor, RV 510, after 1720 (another version for violin and organ exists as RV 766). Its Finale pokes aggressively at the listener’s ear, with the solo parts engaged on occasion in parallel intervals, although occasionally Minasi and Sinkovsky fence actively. The Concerto in C Minor, RV 509, begins with more somber material before the ensemble breaks free to explore stormier territory; and its occasional unexpected outbursts (a particularly strong explosion opens the Finale) should keep even the most somnolent listeners wide awake. In that Finale, the tutti actually brings with it the bulk of the crackle and pop, with the lyricism entrusted to the soloists.

  • Release Date : 18/11/2013

  • Producer : ingenuo

  • Label : naïve